Frozen Tiramisu Mousse Part 2

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Into a large bowl using an electric mixer, combine egg whites and sugar.

Beat for 5 minutes, until glossy and smooth.

Into a clean other bowl, mix together egg yolks, mascarpone cheese, grated lemon rind and vanilla until smooth.

Fold in lightly whipped cream.

Gently fold mascarpone mixture into egg white mixture until smooth.

Line bottom of an 8-inch [20 cm] springform pan with plastic wrap.

Attach sides of pan [wrap hangs down underneath].

Line sides of pan with a long double strip of parchment paper [preferably] or foil.

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Further Directions:

Pour in mixture; smooth top.

Freeze for at least 6 hours or better, overnight.

No too long before serving, prepare coffee creme anglaise.

Remove mixture from freezer and generously sift cocoa powder all over.

Remove sides of pan.

Using a wide flat spatula, remove bottom of pan, including plastic wrap and transfer dessert to a chilled serving plate.

Carefully remove parchment strips all around.

Cut mousse into 8 wedges.

Evenly spoon coffee creme anglaise onto individual dessert plates and top with wedges.

Serve immediately, garnished with fresh berries and mint sprigs.

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